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Hollywood and Africa. This is a website representing the book “The Games End.” Hollywood goes to East Africa to make a film but struggles with Africanization, intrigue and murder to save the elephant. The film story is a “Moby Dick” theme that is played out with a great elephant, Ahmed, that captures the adventure and romance of  its great cast of characters who find them-selves in the African bush working to save the game, but running into opposition every way they turn.

It also brings awareness to the poaching of elephants, and how if we don’t start saving the elephants they will no longer be with us. The Author has been to Africa himself many times and witnessed the tragedies, from which he got the inspiration needed to write the book.

-A Review from the Midwest Book Review of “The Games End” by William Louis Gradner

“National treasure is a status that won’t protect one from greed. “The Games End” is a novel about Ahmed, a massive tusk elephant in Kenya who captivated Hollywood throughout the 50′s through 1970′s.  Although he  was ordered to be protected from hunters, the allure of this giant prize would not protect him from those who only  saw only dollar signs.  ”The Games End” is a riveting novel of adventure, highly recommended.”

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