Why are elephants poached and killed for their tusks?

Elephant big tusks
Elephants are poached for the value of their Ivory. Poachers in Africa kill the elephants, who then sell them to the smugglers, and they sell them. Last year alone over 100,00 were massacred, which was a tragedy. They sawed off their tusks, which goes to the upper status people of China who love the carved Ivory and want it in their house. Right now its over $1,300 a pound. China has been purchasing that poached ivory at an alarming rate. If this continues, there will be no more elephants, the day might come where we no longer get to see them, only in the zoos.
-William Gardner
You can check out The Games End. The entire book has to do with elephants, it deals with poaching, adventure, romance, and you will learn many things. The Author has been to Africa himself many times and witnessed the tragedies, from which he got the inspiration needed to write the book. The authors goal is to raise awareness about elephants so that we can prevent poaching, since right now its such a critical issue and the day might come when we longer get to see elephants. Its called The Games End, check it out, it’s on Amazon also available as Kindle for $4.99 here:

About William Louis Gardner

William Louis Gardner was born in Minnesota and finished school there. He joined the US Air Force and worked at the Pentagon in the Target Library of the world. Went on to the Pasadena Playhouse to learn television and movie making. He got a job with actress Marion Davies at her home. There He met a movie agent and started a career in Hollywood. William Louis Gardner has worked in Hollywood as the agent, personal secretary, PR advisor and manager for for Mickey Rooney, Jonathan Winters, Jill St.John, Bobby Van and director, John Huston. William Gardner is the author of two books, "Confessions of a Hollywood Agent," and "The Games End." William on GooglePlus
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