Mount Kenya Safari Club

TheGamesEnd2 TheGamesEnd1

The Games End – A novel that brings awareness to the poaching of elephants, and how if we don’t start saving the elephants they will no longer be with us.
In “The Games End” there were many scenes in the novel that took took place in the Mount Kenya Safari Club during that time. William Holden left behind the William Holden Wildlife foundation (which is right next to the Mount Kenya Safari Club) and  is now owned by Stefanie powers. She spends a lot of time there, bringing awareness of “The Game” and elephant poaching to make sure these wonderful animals are not hunted.
Mt Kenya Safari Club

The famous Mount Kenya Safari Club, which all the movie stars king and queens even the President and Queen of England came to during the 50′s, to see the wildlife.
Hotel el Mirador
Hotel El Mirador, the Owner was from Palm Springs CA his name was Ray Ryan, and also one of the owners of the Mount Kenya Safari Club. Unfortunately he was murdered.
Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis liked to spend their weekends at the hotel El Mirador, they loved the pool and spend all their afternoons there having fun and making up all of their comics to do next weekend with NBC.
Mount Kenya Safari Club now belongs to Fairmont.
Stefanie Powers and
William Holden

About William Louis Gardner

William Louis Gardner was born in Minnesota and finished school there. He joined the US Air Force and worked at the Pentagon in the Target Library of the world. Went on to the Pasadena Playhouse to learn television and movie making. He got a job with actress Marion Davies at her home. There He met a movie agent and started a career in Hollywood. William Louis Gardner has worked in Hollywood as the agent, personal secretary, PR advisor and manager for for Mickey Rooney, Jonathan Winters, Jill St.John, Bobby Van and director, John Huston. William Gardner is the author of two books, "Confessions of a Hollywood Agent," and "The Games End." William on GooglePlus
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