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Confessions of a Hollywood Agent

Confessions of a Hollywood Agent

An explosive hollwood novel of sex, power, intrigue… and murder… in the 50’s

Confessions of a Hollywood Agent is a novel of a Hollywood courtesan and her procurer, who rise in the film world of the 50’s and early 60’s. Clint the agent and Dorothy was the godchild of Hitler… and one another. But the plot and intrigues they devise to further their careers don’t always turn out as planned. Only an industry insider could write a story filled with such nuance  the Star manipulate the Hollywood Godfather, Fidel Castro, JFK, an international playboy who

about the glam and grim of Hollywood in the 50s and 60s. There is plenty of sinning in Confessions, but is there redemption? You’ll stay awake to find out. Don’t rush forward to the closing credits. They come much too soon.

Authors note:

Confessions of a Hollywood Agent is a story about a great whore and her pimp.

Dorothy, the actress, becomes a major motion picture star in the 50’s and early 60’s. We travel through her life from jail to the white house and see how she uses sex to get what she wants. Clint, the agent, becomes part of Dorothy’s life. She helps him become an agent and he guides her career with introductions to the right people. Clint keeps a secret hidden about himself he thinks will destroy him.

Georgia, the beautiful naive starlet, who’s love turns into murder because of her poor judgement in men.

Marty has great success as a comedian, and keeps chasing after love but never seems to find it because he never wants to face growing up.

The cast of protagonists join the worlds of Fidel Castro, JFK, Mafia’s Meyer Lansky gangster, the Latin Playboy, Porfirio Rubirosa and Nathan, The Hollywood God-father, in adventures of tale of power, love, sex, murder and intrigue that only Hollywood can produce.

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